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This is the vale where he painted

A sailor sailing ship in pace

An lndo-panel with sun focused

A smote of brown painter adapted

The wooden board into solid array

Which made it believed, an archaic film


The earthen vessel to be sailed

Authentically on a diatomatious floor,

Of the salty liquid world

On the horizon the sailor laid

Smog of the same towards heaven bade

Impalpable Mountain of sky them addressed


Stranger to space filled the middle void

The scientific notion, blue sky vanished

‘The sky is brown’ and is furnished

Spring accommodated a half summer

The rainy season delayed yet fed

And with a storm the said is pleaded


Sailor orated to his posterior

“In the homage of prey we’re thrived ”

The rainy taint from thr sky mixed

With the salty water, the planet fixed

Spontaneous red-ox action acted

The earthy ship as a solute stepped


Sailor with his comrades submerged

And lingered until their lungs with solution crowded.


These all the lndo-painter drilled

While I could not estimate

The tragedy he had hidden

In the wooden panel with ink laden.



Asoul’s Union


At thy absence I felt need

It didn’t rather is done

And was a chum instead

That calm sensation in my turn

Discovered colossal sadness

A perilous struck! To which it lead

The antique villager to madness


How far; how long?

Either I could behold the visage

No; never, still I am fastened

And am fastened for the sage

I did and had to tarry

But the struck so deep to hurry

Rolled my chest against air and I lost that fury…


Other’s Fate


As the morning shift I did,

I distanced garden of my dady’s kid,

Watered in the bloody sun, as reached,

Dady’s half-framed lift.


There inside a sophisticated tree,

A blooming rose, I see,

Since it tossed least in air at free,

Pierced by feather, not by spike of she.


I was honoured for its presence,

I was mannered for its fragrance,

I theft the cause of its essence,

Adopted a rosy evening in a kiddy sense.


While for valentine I was late,

I found my longing appressed fate,

“The tree was made sophisticated by another mate”

Saw, was watered at dusk, while exiting the gate.



With the wind I saw,

There moved a crow,

To the royal forest

While there was shining a rainy bow.

To that path I followed,

For the cushion and love I borrowed,

From the nature through it’s nest,

By the trial of critics best.

There I heard a cuckoo cried,

There was neither mutton nor chicken fried.

And to the darkness of the dark he grew,

A lovely cuckoo with feathers a few.

I happened to be the nature’s best.

With promises I theft the black’s chest.

To my space it grew lighter.

To my love it weird feather.

To my shelter it was no more wilder.

Oh! yes I happened to have my anger.

While I broke it’s wing it stopped to linger.

In My Land

On the late summer…..

In the sky when the cloud acted a hammer

A fellow Pandit rushed and urged;

O Master; “If it happened in my land,

Ah! If it happened in my land”


And then he set on sand and wished.

“If there were a king, who ordered the

prince to visit the Amazon forest

Who came back and said there were aunt and uncle

Or if the king ordered the prince to dive into deep sea

Who came back and appealed there were brother and sister

Or if the king ordered the prince to visit Mesopotamia

Who came back and appealed there were tiger, whale and cactus”


He added……

“O Master; then I could appeal to you

that what we believed to be life was a fiction still,

and the unmanly does good even they move far up hill”

From the Liar


On the dawn, all around I see

Dense mist in the sky lacking a single bee

Neither a hunter nor a deer along the sea

To this amazement gathered me a camel-she

In her thirst behind filial love, she came to me

Though was sandy yet I granted kisses free

Then she murmured, in eyes like prolonged shower

Meanwhile the mist lapsed , and we heard a roar

An wave of hundred feet reached with power

And washed the innocent nanny with the sealed liar !



What happened? O Phantom thief

Bloomed at slumber with eternal grief

For you`ve built an impalpable barrier

Amongst all those pebbles helped a carrier


And the chicken leg with discreet finger

Outstretches on your dish to meet the linger

Since…. O you,deadly bloomed at slumber

but now they are puffed enough to murmur


”You`ve lost! O Phantom Bright,

for we`ve lost to lose our eventual fright”


It’s All-around

At the dawn when they lie
I dream of flying over the sky
For till my last lingering
And for till they are awaking
I dream and I really die
For not the sphere hide in my pie

I’m the human being
At the dawn my telephone ring
A hundred died whereas a hundred sing
And, for was audience the firm King
Oh! it`s bloody and a bloody spring

By the evening I feel shy
Troops without visages all around lie
and they asked words of peace
“To whom is what? I didn’t know ”
They puffed my stomach and toe
And theft my light…..
While the day was clinging to night…


Silly Mistake


It is the worst always gets completed and adds a promise for the next, a momentary darkness and feeling of regret and even it seems the worst thing is purer than water as it acts better than how water acts on yeti’s naked skin on every other days, What people pretends to say “bathing”.
Either the world is poor in understanding or I’m the ever greatest fool, for when I see my pet crying, I suppose the food it consumed was condemned and aches preventing it from an easy morrow lifting, what must not be the necessary cause of its cry.
I can’t understand while my pet is crying and they people don’t understand when I’m crying: therefore for the first time I appreciated my pet for being of my kind.
But different forms should be given value. You can’t get to a terrorist saying ” Hey, I’m Mr. X.” Or you can never say your sole-friends while attending a conference ” look we all belong to animal kingdom, therefore you are an animal” but you can appeal “we all are animal” no harm!!! When the same person was called individually an animal turns wild whereas when whole group was pleaded animal the same person gives no reaction…
The world is all about “Mahool” a Hindi/Urdu word which partially means ‘environment’ also it’s about preaching. It depends on how a member of animal kingdom was preached to a specific environment and if everything is perfect you can make one ready to take a suicide bomb as like your domesticated dog gives you guard throughout the night.

Nothing else is necessary to kill a million of mosquitos if you are having some detritus matter to burn…
In the same manner, nothing is required to kill millions of innocent if you have learnt some detritus words to affirm…

Crash of Mirror


Lazy ball-pair down the forehead
Stirs at only dark ahead
Sometimes with nasty it gets crushed
Discovering the enthusiast knocked

Fever pulsated illusionist spirit
With cracked wing and fallen spike
Besides, crashes between the four knees
Tend to bury with shame instead

That crash validates for long sun-rises
With compact slumber offed light passes
Along several visits through a single face
Results delay in every work hour to trace